Honey Bee Swarming

Bee Swarm

What are Honey bee swarms?

Honey bee swarming is a natural part of honeybee colony development that occurs once a year as a response to overcrowding within an existing colony.  When honeybees swarm the queen departs taking with her a quarter to a third of her colony in search of a new nest site.  Swarming bees fly around in a cloud-like appearance until they find a tree limb, bush or other object to cluster on for a few hours or a few days while bee scouts search for a new location.  When the new nest site is found the swarm flies to it.  At Schultz Honey & Wax Inc. we assist  Denver-Metro homeowners and businesses in getting rid of honeybee swarms with safe, bee humane practices.  Contact us today for more information.

Why should I worry about Honey Bee swarms?

Honey bees are important insects that assist in pollination and provide honey and wax for human consumption.  There are times, however, when they can be an annoyance to your home or business and can cause serious health issues for individuals who are allergic or sting sensitive.  Honey bee swarms are typically not dangerous and for the most part should be left alone by anyone but a bee professional.  Hitting, kicking or spraying water on swarms are not recommended and could create a risk to you and your neighbors.  And of course where there's a swarm there is an established bee colony within a 100 feet or so.

How do I prevent swarms?

While you can't prevent swarms from occurring you can prevent them from creating a new hive in your yard or your neighbors.  With professional bee specialists you can also identify where the established colony is located and remove that for your safety as well.  Remember it is not advised to attempt to move the honey bees or to dislodge a swarm yourself.

Why Schultz Honey & Wax Inc.?

The best course of action to remove a swarm or colony is to call a beekeeper, like Schultz Honey & Wax Inc, to catch the bees alive. It may seem easier to just let the bees go, but your neighborhood may not agree with this course of action. Do not exterminate the swarm of honeybees.  At Schultz we have many options for removing honey bee swarms alive including hive the bees in a beehive, knock the bees into a box with vent holes or suck the bees into a special bee vacuum with a cage inside. This process does not hurt the bees. Once the bees are caught in a box or cage, we install the bees into a beehive, and within approximately one year, the hive will begin to yield honey.  For more information or a free quote please contact us.

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