Bee Hive Removal

What are beehives?

Beehives can form in almost any crevice large enough to hold a hive.  They are commonly found in hollow trees but it's not unusual to find them in walls, chimneys, attics and the eaves of buildings.  A single hive is home to several thousand honey bees so it is not recommended to go near a working nest.  While bees for the most part are peaceful insects, they will attack if they feel their hive is in danger.  At Schultz Honey & Wax Inc we believe that honey bees are vital insects to humans and the environment and that they should not be exterminated.  We offer live beehive removal services for commercial and residential properties in the Denver-Metro area.

Why Should I worry about honey bees?

When you find a beehive on your property or notice a honey bee infestation you should never touch it and immediately call a bee removal specialist.  Do it yourself measures are usually unsuccessful as homeowners don't realize that just removing the beehive is not enough. Typically if a beehive is not taken care of properly invasions of wax moths and mice can occur.  Honeycomb is a major food source for insects and rodents and can result in major infestations.  Honey leaking from the honeycomb can also cause damage to your ceilings and walls resulting in major home repairs. 

How Do I Get Rid of A Beehive?

To get rid of a beehive in your home or on your property contact Schultz Honey & Wax Inc for effective beehive removal and to prevent future beehives.  Our team of skilled bee removers will locate the bee colony on your property, evaluate the best method for extraction and will safely eliminate your bee problem.  Once the hive is found the honey bees and the hive are removed and our bee professionals will seal and de-scent the the cavity where the  bee hive resides to prevent a bee colony from taking over the empty hive and to guard against future bee infestations.

Why Schultz Honey & Wax Inc.?

With over 30 years of honey bee removal experience Schultz offers permanent solutions to your bee issues and best of all we guarantee our work.  Don't let your bee infestation get out of hand.  Contact us today for a free quote and friendly bee information.  With Schultz you can say goodbye to bees for good and prevent major pest issues and damage to your home or business.

Are There Killer Bees in Colorado?

Killer Bees, also known as Africanized Honey Bees, are not presently in the Denver area, but have been located in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida and California.  If and when they infest Colorado  the first place they will seek colonization is an existing bee hive. Africanized Honey Bees are a much stronger strain of honey bee that are significantly more aggressive and prone to attacking than the European Honey Bees currently found in Colorado. It is not easy to distinguish the difference between the two types of honey bees other than by their behavior.  European Honey Bees are relatively harmless and will only attack if they feel there is a significant threat to their queen or hive.  Killer bees are much more likely to attack as they guard their hive from a quarter of a mile out.  Their attacks have been proven fatal to animals and humans.  The simple conclusion is that if you see a beehive around your home contact a professional for help.  Don't try to remove the beehive yourself as this could mean serious health risks to you and your family including severe stinging or even death.


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